About us

We are a fast-developing and reliable company. We produce and assembly aluminum-glass constructions in whole country.

We produce:

  • windows
  • doors
  • facades
  • winter gardens
  • shopwindow
  • skylights
  • fireprevention constructions
  • steel constructions

Our greatest asset are our employees which have a lot of experience. We also are proud of our machine park, that contains many great machines from leaders in technology (Elumatec, Graule, Rotox Pressta-Eisele).

The quality is the most important thing for us. We often train our staff. Moreover we have certifications and  technical approvals which are necessary to guarantee you safety.

We are capable to design a project and make a valuation for you in short time. We also can make them in our factory and install them on whatever object you want.

Our aluminum systems are reliable and they have good quality.  We offer you wide range of products so we can realize both typical and unconventional projects.