Star (GT)

GT90_DRZWIWindow and door system with enhanced thermal insulation

  • triple-chamber system
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: Uf in the range of 0,6-1,23 W / m2K.
  • Thermal break 45 mm wide made of innovative materials
  • The structural depth of 90 mm-frame and 99 mm- wing
  • The new standard overlapping profiles with glass (increased depth significantly improves the thermal and structural performance of the system)
  • An innovative system of water drainage from construction (no visible elements blanking drainage holes)
  • The same type of corner and T-connector in the outer chamber and the inner (result: reducing the amount of accessories and faster fabrication)
  • The same type of insulating sash in window frame and wing
  • Reduced the number of glazing strips and gaskets while maintaining continuity of glazing depending on the thickness of glass-sets
  • The possibility of glazing from the outside
  • Modern design