This system is used to construct and perform light curtain walls of fire resistance class EI60 fire.

  • The visual width 55mm transoms and mullions
  • Design of the system is based on the supporting frame structure consisting of vertical (mullions) and horizontal (transoms) of aluminum 55 mm wide
  • In order to get the fire resistance of aluminum profiles, mullions and transoms have been equipped with special fire-retardant cartridges
  • Aluminum profiles filled with ground fire-resistant

The facade fire in external appearance is identical to the facade mullion and transom (MCWALL). This allows us to execute optically invisible connect with a normal facade (MC-WALL) and fireresistant (MC-FIRE). Effective fire protection systems of Aliplast is not realized at the expense of appearance. The solutions proposed by Aliplast at the same time provide maximum safety and freedom of architectural design.

  • scheme
  • scheme